Andersen Farms grain elevator, May 29, 2018.
Andersen Farms grain elevator, May 29, 2018.

A lawsuit filed on Oct. 11 by the City of South Sioux City against Andersen Farms, Inc., and business owner Bryce Andersen claims that costs for emergency services provided for the city following the May 29 grain elevator explosion have not been paid for, according to Dakota County District Court documents.

The city is suing for $120,034.82, plus court costs, for what they deemed a “necessary use” of emergency personnel including law enforcement and firefighters in the time following the grain elevator explosion on May 29, 2018, at Andersen Farms, 2415 Fourth Avenue.

The City sent an invoice to Andersen Farms, dated July 19, 2018, for payment of the emergency work and services provided by the City as a result of the grain elevator explosion, and court documents state the invoice has not been paid.

Andersen Farms, Inc., and Bryce Andersen have 30 days to respond to the summons.

“The city taxpayers expended a lot of money and the city is seeking reimbursement for these costs,” said Lance Hedquist, city administrator, in a comment.