The Dakota County Commissioners voted 3-2 Monday approving a contract with Civil Engineers and Constructors, LLC, for a $30,000 surveying project on M Avenue in Hubbard, the first step in possibly paving the road.

M Avenue is a one mile gravel road leading to Kramper Lake and the Danish Alps State Recreational Area.

The surveying project will provide the Commissioners with more information, such as the total cost of the paving project, which will help them determine whether or not to pave the road.

If the Commissioners choose to move forward with the actual paving project, they will pay an additional $16,000 (for a total of $46,000) to Civil Engineers & Constructors, LLC, for preliminary and final designs.

Voting in favor of the contract were Scott Love, Martin Hohenstein and Tony Gomez. Voting in opposition were Bill Rohde and Kevin Rohde.

“I feel myself that we need a project going on in this county,” said Love. “I don't like the part of going dormant and not doing anything.”

“We aren't going to get all our money back, but it's definitely going to improve the county,” said Hohenstein.

Later in the meeting, Bill Rohde and Kevin Rohde added their opinions in the opposition.

“I'm fiscally responsible and I don't think it's the right time, plain and simple,” said Bill Rohde, who added that he is on the county's budget committee.

“It's hard for me to justify paving M Avenue for tourists when there are roads farmers can't drive on,” noted Kevin Rohde.